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Unlock Administrator 2.00

Unlock Administrator 2.00: Administrative program allows to specify who can access a locked workstation Administrator can also be configured to prevent non-administrative users from unlocking an administrator's session and it also allows the system administrator to specify exactly who can configure these settings. Program Features: -Ability to log both successful and failed unlock requests -Option to prevent non-administrators from unlock administrator's session -Ability to limit program configuration to selected users -Supports local and

ICCallLimousine 1.1: Limousine rent software , car hire software , taxi booking , bus rent script
ICCallLimousine 1.1

Administrator Panel Account Manager - Administrators - Administrator can add / edit and manage administrator accounts. Cars Manager - Cars - Here the administrator can manage car types that are offered for rent. - Car Models - Here the administrator can enter cars and images of the cars, divided into the car types specified on the cars page. - Seasons - Here the administrator can enter seasons and specify time periods. Rent Bookings Manager - Available

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Forgot Administrator Password 2.0.1: Replace or recover lost and forgotten Windows passwords
Forgot Administrator Password 2.0.1

Forgot administrator password? Can`t access a Windows account? Recover lost or forgotten Windows passwords by booting from a CD or flash drive! Forgot Administrator Password instantly recovers forgotten Windows passwords, unlocks locked and disabled accounts, and can turn any user account into an administrator. The latest edition of Forgot Administrator Password can replace or recover Windows Vista passwords.

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ICRestaurant 1.4: Restaurant script ,Restaurant site script , restaurant booking software
ICRestaurant 1.4

Administrator Panel General - Panel Settings - Administrator can define the site name and site header. - Menu Manager - Administrator can change the order and wording on the menu bar. - Static Pages - Administrator can edit the content of pages for each language. Account Manager - Admins - Administrator can define the administrator accounts for the site and change account details. Restaurant Manager - Info - Administrator can edit the restaurants

restaurant script, restaurant booking software, restaurant reservation script, restaurant site script

Client for Remote Administrator 2.1: The powerful wrapper for Remote Administrator 2.1
Client for Remote Administrator 2.1

Administrator" - powerful wrapper for Remote Administrator 2.1 If you are the system administrator or member of support team - then "Client for Remote Administrator" can interest you. === What is the Remote Administrator? Radmin ( is an award-winning remote control program that enables you to work on one or more remote computers from your own. It is a complete remote control solution with all key features such as File Transfer, NT

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ICHotelReservation 3.3: Hotel booking script , hotel reservation site software
ICHotelReservation 3.3

Administrator Panel Account Manager - Administrators - Administrator can add / edit and manage administrator accounts. Hotels Manager - Hotels - Administrator can manage hotels that will appear on the site with the hotel name, description, address, phone and fax. - Room Types - Administrator can define the type of rooms in the hotels, rooms prices and upload an image for each room. - Hotel Rooms - For each hotel the administrator can define the rooms

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AD Password Reset 1.7: Reset lost or forgotten Windows administrator and domain passwords
AD Password Reset 1.7

administrator and other account passwords, change forgotten domain administrator password with ease. Safely reset administrator and user passwords on Windows 7 / Vista / 2008 / XP /2003 / 2000 systems in case an Administrator`s password is forgotten or lost. No need to reinstall Windows, No data loss! Key Features & Benefits * 100% recovery rate. * Reset local Administrator and other account passwords. * Change passwords to Active Directory accounts

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